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Transportation or Conveyance Facility
From every Nook & Cranny of Muzaffarpur, Darbhanga & Sitamarhi district.
Transportation or conveyance facility from every Nook And Cranny of Muzaffarpur, Vaishali & Sitamarhi districts. Vehicles are being driven by experience and valid driving licensee. GPS enabled vechiles to find its current location.

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Transportation or Conveyance Facility

  1. It will be the responsibility of the parents to ensure that their children reach the pick-up points well in time, as the bus will not be delayed if the child is not available at the pick-point. In case of problem regarding the bus, the Transport Manager may be contacted.
  2. Parents are further requested to make sure that they pick up their children at the notified time from the specified bus stop, failing which the child will be taen back to school office or the office from where the parents are responsible for collecting their children under their own arrangements. Only parents can pickup their children from the school. Any other person has to be properly authorized by the parents.
  3. Existing route wil continue to ply. Changes in routes will not be entertained during the session.
  4. The bus may reach the bus stop 10 minutes earlier or 10 minute later.
  5. A child should travel only on the route allotted and on no other route.
  6. Rude behaviour like shouting and bullying in the bus is strictly prohibited.
  7. The bus should be opted for only at the begining of the session. The school will not entertain request for change during the session.

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